Extrait de Parfum 100ml

UNUM, an Italian fragrance brand, stems from the desire to fully understand the “sanctity of the mystic,” as the search for expression suffered a cosmic knowledge that finds its genesis in a perfection inspired by the geometry of space, the comprehension of volumes and the symphony of lines.

Unum is a workshop of perfumes sui generis, because it breaks with the traditional classical perfumery to address an original trip—a journey inspired first of all in the search of the deep knowledge of the self by its cosmic creator Filippo, a lover of art in the round. Filippo experiments with painting and music and at the same time with the exclusive tailoring of unique dresses for solemn ceremonies, aided always by his partner Marcello, also a tailor, an admirer of beauty and seeker of perfection. This is the real sound of Unum: the fierce dissonance of two free spirits, as beautiful as different and basically so equal. Unum is a new collection that explores the sensory and sets new boundaries of artistic perfumery.

Collection Available in Singapore

Ennui Noir
Opus 1144
Rosa Nigra
Symphonie Passion



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